HomeGrown Details

The vision of HomeGrown Records is to provide a haven for local musicians to professionally record their music in a relaxed enviroment that privileges artistic expression and musical freedom, rather than hourly rates and a "cookie-cutter" sound. All of our bands' CD's have a unigue sound, simply because each band is unique. In order to fully support our bands' separate visions, we pull from a wide range of recording techniques and configurations, which customize the sound within each particular genre and tone of every project. HomeGrown Records operates in some of the same ways as the Seattle studio, Sub Pop, by producing, promoting, and presenting our own bands--free from outside influence and control from established, institutional "norms." The result is a genuine resource with which to observe, judge, and own the music of the latest sounds and bands on the Pittsburgh music scene--truly "HomeGrown" music. Don't support the "Man," but support the "Band."

The secret to our success is having an experienced producer, malley, who is not only fluent in drums, guitar, keys, vocals, and technical engineering, but who knows music theory and the process of writing (words and music). malley is our cheif producer and has worked since 1999 and produced over 90 CD's at HomeGrown Records, receiving critical praise from article reviews and clients, alike. malley has a B.S. in Education, and an M.A. from Slippery Rock University, and dedicates his life to modern music production. His wisdon is rooted in his personal experiences in musicianship and scholarship, apparent in the meticulous process he uses to produce, down to the end result of his polished CD's.